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Looking for Lila provides opportunities for the curious traveler to engage with Neapolitan politics, art, food and daily life. Each tour has been curated with lots of care and love so that we can bring the many aspects of Neapolitan culture past and present to life in a honest, enthusiastic and unique way.

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1. Discover the historic centre and its hidden gems with a passionate local

2. Food for thought - indulge in Neapolitan delights and discover the city

3. Elena Ferrante's Naples


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Looking for Lila takes you on unconventional walk around Naples' historic centre. This walk weaves through the alleyways and courtyards, revealing the city's hidden beauty and crumbling splendor. The tour gives a mix of myth, mafia, art, politics and anecdotes of daily life to give you an understanding of what it means to be Neapolitan. Expect to pop into secret courtyards, delve into artisan workshops and try the best street food and coffee. The tour finishes for a late afternoon lunch at one of Naples' busiest trattorias where you will find yourself among students, workers and professors enjoying their sacred lunch hour...

Private tour from: €250 (includes, coffee, wine, pastries, lunch and taxi's)



See how much space your tummy will allow on this indulgent adventure to some of Naples' finest and most traditional food spots.

Naples is not only famous for pizza but also for a whole range of intriguing and delicious delights. This tour takes you off the beaten track mixing eating, drinking and exploring with a sprinkle of culture, history and politics. You will learn how Italy honed its national cuisine, and how the tomato became the centrepiece for most dishes,  You will savour freshly squeezed Sorrento oranges and lemons, discover what friarielli broccoli is, learn the ways of the market, visit a kitchen, try the best mozzarella and discover Vesuvius tomatoes whilst washing it all down with local wine, a spritz and some coffees to keep you standing!

Private tour €250 (includes, coffee, wine, pastries, lunch and taxi's)



Trace the footsteps of Lila Cerullo and Lenu Greco on an intimate guided walk that brings to the fore Naples, the beguiling protagonist of the Ferrante stories.

This tour brings to life Ferrante’s superb storytelling by exloring the neighborhood where Lila and Lenu consolidated their friendship as well as providing an introduction to every day "ferrante-esque' Napoli.. We trace their footsteps through the tunnel in search of the sea, walk along the stradone, eat pizza, browse the upmarket boutiques of Piazza Dei Martiri, stroll through the bohemian historic centre past the bookshops of Via Mezzocannone, gorge on sfogliatelle pastries and experience the political occupations still active since the 1968 student rebellion.

Private tours from €250 (includes, coffee, wine, pastries, lunch and taxi's)


Looking For Lila provides 'location fixing' for documentaries, journalists and film makers. As well as production for photography shoots and events which can include location scouting and casting. 

Looking for Lila will also help facilitate your whole stay with one-off recommendations or entire weekend itineraries to suit any age group or budget.

Looking for Lila offers:

  • Production services: Location scout and casting 
  • Recommendations for the best hotels, guest houses and apartments, eateries, and drinking holes
  • Reliable and fairly-priced taxis and transfers (Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Pozzuoli, Amalfi etc..).
  • Anything you want!

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Experience Naples with us. Stay in our unique rooftop studio flat which look out towards the Sorrento Penisula on one side and up to Castel Sant'Elmo on the other. We have furnished the studio uniquely and simply with a simple kitchenette, bathroom, handmade coverings, Italian linen and Amalfi ceramics.



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Articles on Naples by Sophia Seymour


Published by Culinary Backstreets on March 16, 2017


The Idler Magazine in the May Issue 2017

Pasolini's Great Neapolitan Village

While in many parts of Europe consumer capitalism has brought an invasion of chain supermarkets and restaurants, contributing to the extinction of independent family-run grocers, Naples and the small distinct districts of its old town have magically managed to resist.

The neighborhood markets retain a charm that is reminiscent of a by-gone era when Europe’s streets would smoke and hiss and the ground would be covered in cabbage crusts and fish entrails. The city’s cobbled and narrow streets revolve around civic life, which still brims with stalls selling fresh mollusks, sacks of nuts, knots of garlic and onions, rounds of cheese and hanging hams. Ragged trouser traders, howling hawkers and crooks cram into the alleyways where fruit and vegetable stands nestle alongside opportunistic vendors roasting a few foraged ch estnuts or artichoke hearts from smoking iron vessels...


Published by Culinary Backstreets on March 28, 2017

Naples' Beloved Montesanto Market

It’s Sunday morning at La Pignasecca market in Naples and time is in flux. Picture a Boccioni painting: movement is blurred, there is an inter-penetration of objects, speeding vehicles and sound – a frenetic moment in the Futurists’ imagination. The city rises as engines splutter, traders hustle, klaxons yelp.

Santa Maria di Montesanto spews punters out into the marketplace after mass; men peel off, heading home to check on the simmering ragù; groomed teenagers peacock on mopeds as groups of women push in line to pick up their last-minute order of fresh pasta, charcuterie and squid. The church bells chime: it’s lunchtime. Anticipation is in the air....


Published by Culinary Backstreets on August 9, 2017

A Clean Bill of Health: La Sanità's Resugence

La pizzaiola, played by Sophia Loren, peddles pizza from a counter on the doorstep of her street level apartment. She kneads dough while crying out for custom in a thick dialect and as clouds of flour fall to the cobbled Neapolitan street. The black and white shots fill the screen with classic southern beauty: Loren’s dark hair and features, soft and full like the rounds of dough in her hands; the deteriorating baroque palazzo; and a narrow street punctuated by stalls decorated with produce and wares.

This scene comes from one of the great cinematic homages to a city: Di Sica’s L’Oro di Napoli (“The Gold of Naples”), a 1954 a film that grapples with the bittersweet tastes of comedy, tragedy, hustling and the art of making do. There’s nowhere better to see Naples in all its “golden” glory than in the very neighborhood in which the film’s star, the inimitable Totó, grew up and where parts of the film are set: La Sanità...